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How to Buy




Every effort is made to maintain a stock of fully assembled units for immediate delivery.


Most customers choose to purchase foot switches at the time of ordering.


Experienced ringers may prefer the "feel" of the simulator when an additional weight-plate is fitted.


No VAT needs to be added to the prices quoted.  The prices quoted for optional extras assume they are being purchased at the same time as the simulator.  Optional extras purchased separately/subsequently may be subject to post and packing or other additional charges.




Price List


Saxilby Simulator unit as shown, finished to a high standard and ready to ring:





The split-wheel version is subject to a £75 surcharge due to the extra work involved in manufacture and painting.

Footswitch red Bellplate red Frame red

Two foot switches, each supplied with 3 metres of cable for the remote control of the simulator program (e.g. start, go, bob, single). Switch designs may vary.



Additional 16kg laser-cut, steel weight-plate



Spares Kit


One spare strap, two dowels and associated rubber rings, a pair of rubber stay tips and a spare strike-point sensor



Wombel frame: 


(See Wombel webpage)


A high quality, collapsible, light-weight, steel framework for supporting a Saxilby Simulator unit.


Made to order:    £1095

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